We recommend NORISUKE for “temaki sushi” and ”onigiri” all over the world.

“NORISUKE” is the roasted nori brand that we carefully selected ingredients only from producing areas all over Japan, and we can definitely recommend and say, “it’s delicious nori!”. There are varieties of Japanese nori such as producing area and grade, and if we separate nori into the taste and quality, we will find the massive types. In our company, we have hired cooks, and we select the ingredients from the viewpoint of the professional. Enjoy your meal with “NORISUKE” and feel the unique Japanese harmony.

Hokkaido Sea Vegetable

Hokkaido is surrounded by a beautiful sea and great nature. We have used the seaweed in Hokkaido for Hokkaido SeaVegetable. Seaweed is a healthy food that contains a lot of mineral, dietary fiber and very low lipid. The mineral components of the function and effect have been focused on the prevention of lifestyle disease, going on a diet, and beauty. In other words, we propose the seaweed to you for daily meals. We have a variety of products, mainly famous dashi kombu, such as “Hokkaido Hidaka Kombu Dashi”, which is a liquid kombu dashi and very easy to use, “Hokkaido Crystal Snow Kombu”, which is recommended for seasoned powder on rice, Japanese grilled meat, and seasoning, “Hokkaido Wakame Plus” that you can eat the seaweed in the soup easily, and “Hokkaido SeaVegetable Mix”, mixed the seaweed from Hokkaido.


JAPANESE DRIED VEGGIE By using an air-dried process, drying Japanese delicious vegetables at low temperature for a long time, after you reconstitute the dried vegetables into hot water, you can enjoy the texture and taste like fresh vegetables. If you “add the ingredients into instant cup noodles”, “want to reduce food waste”, “don’t have enough time to cook”, or “don’t always eat vegetables in meals”, JAPANESE DRIED VEGGIE is the most suitable for you. You can also stock it as an emergency food or food preservation for people who can’t grow vegetables in the areas and countries.

Hokkaido Beans Meat

●Meat made from beans●

Called soy meat, plant-based meat made from only Hokkaido soybeans, texture like meat.